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Help for your NDIS planning meeting

We can offer clinical assessment, lifestyle and product recommendations and quote to supply products.  Providing this service to you enables you to financially structure your NDIS plan to meet your individual needs and help you be the best version of you on a daily basis.

Urinary Catheter Management

Some participants require urinary catheters, which may be indwelling, suprapubic or intermittent.  Our Clinical Nurse Consultant is urology trained and qualified to perform catheter changes on a regular basis. 

Enteral Feeding Support (HENS)

We offer timely and coordinated care and support by skilled healthcare professionals in your own home to assist in management of feeding regimes and care of the gastrostomy.  Support workers can be engaged in specific training to support you on a daily basis with confidence.

Continence Assessment

Incontinence, often described as bladder and / or bowel problems, can be difficult to talk about.  There are many causes of incontinence.  Our Clinical Nurse Consultant will perform an in-home or telehealth comprehensive clinical assessment, provide lifestyle recommendations, product recommendations and product quotes. 

Bowel Management

A holistic participant assessment involves assessment of bowel function.  Participants requiring interventional bowel management will be included in creating and reviewing an individual workable bowel management plan.

Services Around the house